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The Presidential Inauguration Reminded Me of Changing Figure Skating Coaches!

  As I watched former President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, and other former presidents and their wives and families politely sit together when President Trump was inaugurated, I couldn’t help but think about the similarities of figure skating and politics!  I know my “crazy thoughts” might get my readers wondering what in the world […]

Why Is the US National Figure Skating Championships Such a Prestigious Competition?

“Making Nationals” may be the goal of every serious figure skater because the US Figure Skating Championships is considered the most prestigious and exciting competition of the US competitive figure skating season. “Nationals” is also the competition that helps determine which skaters representing the USA will compete in the World Figure Skating Championships and the […]

What Does God Have to Do With the 2017 US National Figure Skating Championships?

This week, the premiere event for figure skating in the United States is going on.  This is an especially important “Nationals” since the Winter Olympic Games is only a year away.  The true excitement surrounds the Championship events, but before those events young talented skaters compete in the Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, and Junior levels. Social […]

“DEAR JOANN…” our voice of Figure Skating

Welcome to Figure Skating Dreams and “Dear JoAnn”, the new home of our beloved writer, JoAnn Schneider Farris. Her words share an authenticity around the world in all things Figure Skating as she has become a valued treasure for so many readers. “Dear JoAnn’s” articles, stories and genuinely warm words share the inside scoop on […]

My Day With Lace’Em Up Skating at Big Bear Ice Arena!

Ice Skating Is Fun!

Ice Skating Is a Year-Round Sport: Ice skating is considered a winter sport, but can actually be done year-round since there are indoor ice arenas all over the world. Ice Skating Is a Sport For All Ages: People of all ages participate in ice skating, even though the majority of ice skaters are children and […]