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How I Spent My Summer Skating Vacation 2018

How I Spent My Summer Skating Vacation 2018

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written on this site.   The reason I haven’t written is that my summer (and September) was so full that I haven’t had the chance to sit still long enough to write.   Thanks to skating, I had one of the most memorable and active summers of my life!

Anyway, here’s my “How I Spent My Summer Skating Vacation 2018” essay:  (Remember when we returned back to school in September and when our teachers asked us to write an essay about what we did during the summer?)

My Son Joel Became a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist!

In late May, my son Joel returned home from his fourth season traveling with Disney On Ice Frozen.  Joel was determined to work on his skating skills during the time he had at home before he began his next tour in mid-July, so Joel spent the last part of May, all of June, and the first half of July working with Olympic Silver Medalist and coach Ben Agosto!  Ben did a wonderful job choreographing a Senior Solo Free Dance program for Joel, and on July 15, 2018, Joel became a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist!  Joel also passed the last of the four pre-gold dances, the Paso Doble, and passed the Pre-Gold Dance test.

A few days later, on Wednesday, July 18, Joel flew to Florida to begin rehearsals with Feld Entertainment’s newest show, Mickey’s Search Party, and on that same day, my dad and I flew to southern California….

But…I didn’t stay in southern California for long….

I Went to Japan to See My Daughter Rebekah Perform In Disney On Ice!

On Tuesday, July 24, I left for Japan!

Yes!  You read that right…I went to Japan to see my daughter Rebekah who was there skating and performing with Disney On Ice!

I had an amazing ten days in Japan.  Not only did I get to know the cast, but I got to climb Mt. Fuji with Rebekah and with other members of the cast and crew.  It was so fun to see the show and hear all the familiar Disney songs sung in Japanese.  The show, of course, was fabulous!  Disney On Ice Shows just seem to get better and better.

I Got to Take Part In Adult Skating Week In Sun Valley, Idaho!

After returning from Japan, only a couple weeks later, I was off to another skating adventure in Sun Valley, Idaho.

I went to Sun Valley so that my daughter Annabelle could work with ice dancing coach Brent Bommentre and test her last two international ice dances.  We just happened to be in Sun Valley during Adult Skating Week which was the most wonderful thing ever!

It was great skating in Sun Valley.  Skating outside seemed to make everyone that was there happy.  I skated morning patch almost every day and had a blast doing social ice dancing.

My Daughter Annabelle Earned Her SEVENTH US Figure Skating Gold Medal!

The best part of our Sun Valley trip was when Annabelle passed the Golden Waltz and the Finnstep and earned her SEVENTH US Figure Skating Gold Medal.   The adults that came to watch Annabelle test cheered for her when they heard she passed!  They continued to congratulate her for days!  I made so many new skating friends from all over the USA and Canada.  I recommend going to Sun Valley during Adult Skating Week; in my opinion it’s the best skating event ever!

I Was at the Opening Night of Disney On Ice’s Mickey’s Search Party in Orlando

I was only home for a few days since during Labor Day weekend and the week that followed, I went to Orlando, Florida to see my son Joel perform in Disney On Ice’s newest show: Mickey’s Search Party.  Joel is part of the most creative and entertaining Disney On Ice Show ever!  It will tour the eastern part of the USA this season and I’m guessing the western part of the United States next season.

I Went to the 2018 World Figure and Fancy Skating Championships and Festival

Then in late September, I went to Vail, Colorado for the 2018 World Figure and Fancy Skating Championship and Festival!  I attended that event in 2017, so I knew I would have fun.  There just is nothing like doing figures on black ice.  I was honored to receive a trophy and three gold medals during the Figure Festival after I did a right and left paragraph eight and an outside eight.  The quality of the figures done in the World Figure Competition were amazing and seeing ice show legend Richard Dwyer perform was so very special!  I also had a blast laying out figures on the black ice in ice hockey skates!

More Skating Adventures to Come:

Now that summer is over and 2018 is coming to an end, things have settled down for me, but I anticipate more adventures due to skating in 2018-19.

My daughter Rebekah toured Japan for three months (June 24 through September 26, 2018) and is now home on break.  She will leave in early November to tour with Disney On Ice in Asia.

My son Joel has so much to share after every performance with Mickey’s Search Party.  I look forward to hearing more about his adventures doing the show on the east coast.  He just loves being in the cast of that show.

My daughter Annabelle is considering competing in ice dancing for Israel and is on Ice Partner Search.

My niece, Phoebe Schneider is touring with Disney On Ice Worlds of Enchantment and is also traveling and performing in the USA.

And….I’m going to continue to skate for exercise and do figures and I will coach once in a while.

Happy Skating!

JO ANN Schneider Farris

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